Making the decision to start a blog may seem like a small step but it took me so long to find the courage to really do it. I thought a lot about what people would think of it and how they would receive me but in the end it was just a leap of faith that really made me step into it! There have been some fears and reservations over the last year but I’m excited about how I boldly took on those feelings and pushed myself to grow and create better content everyday.

When I first began blogging, I had no idea how much work it would take just to operate on a basic level, let alone to make it successful. I really didn’t even know what my idea of blog success would look like; I just knew I wanted to have a creative outlet to share my love for beauty. Now a year later, I am so proud of where I started and the growth I have seen over time! I am in no way an expert, and often find myself overwhelmed with the amount of blog information there is to consume, but I always center myself with the idea of why I started and that is simply because I love makeup.

 I’ve seen my content increase in quantity and quality as I dedicate more time to blogging, and I’m always on the hunt for more creative ways to bring original material to my readers. Going forward, I have plans to perfect a visual aesthetic that is undeniably GL&L and finally add video content! More than anything, I am pursuing success in the constant process of just figuring it out everyday and conquering the small goals I set for myself creatively.

So thanks for reading and sticking with me! I know it’s clichè, but it’s only up from here! If you want to get Grace Love and Lipstick content sent directly to your inbox, subscribe by submitting your email in the side bar!


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