Shopping for Grace!

Grace is at the age where I constantly feel like I can’t keep enough clothes in her closet. She outgrows everything within a couple months, and she can get pretty messy so I’m always having to replenish her little wardrobe. I definitely shop for her substantially more than I shop for myself, and that says a lot! Lol.

I love seeing the cute little babies and toddlers dressed like their mommies on Instagram or with their cute accessories and sunglasses, but that is totally not Grace’s thing. Grace can be girly and loves princess dresses but she loves playing outside and climbing things even more. Because of this, I’m more interested in her being comfortable, her clothes being easily laundered, and still having her look super cute. With all this in mind, I’ve been able to narrow down my top three tips for shopping for my toddler!

1. Let her be independent: Grace’s little personality calls for lots of prints and color! She’s also getting to the point where she likes to pick her own clothes, so when I’m shopping I like to get separates that easily pair or match with multiple pieces because then there’s a higher probability of her matching when we leave the house! It also makes it easier for me to choose outfits quickly without much thought. As an example, every top & bottom in this layout matches each other & the shoes!

2. Think of her shoes: Grace has so many sneakers! She has these Nike Roshes in every color imaginable, so when I’m shopping I like to keep her most comfortable pair (of the moment) in mind to make for easy matching.

3. Shop the Sale: This is my best & most important tip! I like to stay subscribed to my favorite places to shop so that when there is a good sale happening, I’m in the know. In our case this is Zara, Nordstrom & OshKosh B’Gosh. At the moment, all three are having great sales with end of the summer pieces. Take advantage of big sales and really use that as the time to replenish the clothes you’ve lost to tough stains and growth spurts.

I know school is quickly approaching, but don’t rule out great deals on summer clothes. Think of how you can layer mini skirts, dresses and shorts over leggings or the “Born Wild” sweater above over t-shirts when Fall rolls around. Make the most of those pieces because she/he won’t be able to fit it next summer!

Hope this was helpful!


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