The Basics: Lipstick

 Lipstick is pretty self explanatory. There are a bunch of different colors and formulas but it really just comes down to whether you like the way it looks on you! Simple right? Collecting lip products is the easy part but here are three main steps to making sure you’re wearing them correctly and getting the most of your products!

Prep Your lips

Exfoliate: Use a lip scrub two to three times a week to rid your lips of excess skin to keep them smooth and flake free. I like to make my own honey scrubs, which are easy, super cheap and edible! 

Moisturize: Keep your lips moisturized with a rich lip balm. I like oil based lip conditioners like this one from MAC. They absorb quickly and actually deeply penetrate my lips instead of sitting on top like vaseline or chapstick would. 

Create a Blank Canvas: When applying your foundation, brush over your lips with whatever product is left on your brush to help mute your natural lip color. This helps you get the true color of the lipstick as well as assisting in recreating shape if you choose to do that.

Choose a Finish

Satin: Highly pigmented and glides on effortlessly with a natural sheen.

Matte: Minimal to no sheen, full pigmentation.

Sheer: Flush of color, highly moisturizing formulas. Very low maintenance.

High Gloss: big color and shine!

Obviously there are more textures and finishes but these cover the basics that you can find within every major brand!

Make it Last

Lip primer: help to smooth creases in your lips and creates a tacky base for your lipstick to really stick to, inevitably increasing longevity. My favorite is by MAC.

Lip Liner: Not only helps to create definition but, because of it’s waxy consistency, keeps creamy or satin lipsticks from feathering with wear. The Basics: Lip Liner explains it all.

Prepare for touch ups: You have to eat! And I don’t care what any of these brands say, none of them completely hold up against food and I honestly don’t expect them to. So, bring your lipstick to replenish!

What are your favorite tips for getting the most of your lipstick?

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