The Basics: Natural Brows

Bless those who were born with naturally gifted brows, but Lord knows I was not one of them! It has been 24 long years of brow struggle but thankfully I’ve been delivered! 

There is so much buzz around the heavily sculpted and sharp brow and I admit that it looks great on a lot of people, but not me. Like most things makeup related, I have found that taking a “less is more” approach gets me soft feminine brows that really compliment my overall look. 

I’m so happy to have FINALLY mastered brows as an adult that I’m sharing my tips to getting your best natural brow. Please peep how I emphasized “your,” because no two brows are the same— not even the one’s on your face 🙂

Grow out your brows

Stop letting your brow lady butcher your brows for about 2 months. You will be a little scruffy but this is essential! I was pretty much forced into this step because I became allergic to any wax they used. I let my natural brows completely grow in so that I could start with a clean slate and it was the best decision I could have made! 

Find a brow technician you trust

I chose to tweeze my brows myself because wax was out of the picture and I’m not made for threading, but I understand this choice is not for everybody! This also means the local nail shop just may not cut it anymore. Nails are their specialty not brows, so find a place that values the products and techniques they use. 

If you do choose to save a couple coins and tweeze your own, invest in proper tools—brow brush, tweezers, brow scissors. Pay close attention to your natural arch and pluck sparingly! 

Keep product to a minimum 

Growing your natural brow hair is essential to this step because you will find that the more natural hair you have, the less product you will need to use. This was my driving force for remodeling my brows because I was so over having to use so many products to create an actual brow shape. 

Brow Product Options:

  • Powder: This is my favorite and most natural method. Cool tone shadows that create tint are best because they define shape without being too harsh or overbearing. You can use powder products specific for brows or an eyeshadow in a complimentary shade. 
  • Pencil: Pencils are good for creating shape and imitating actual brow hairs if sparse brows is something you struggle with. Look for hard formula pencils, as this makes it harder to go over board with penciled in brows. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pencils are awesome for this. 
  • Pomade/Gel: If you are looking for precision, this is the way to go. This product really helps to fill in brows and create that bold shape. It is also versatile in that it can look very natural when using a very small amount. 
  • Brow Mascara: I have annoyingly unruly brows so this is essential. Brow Mascara helps to keeps brows in place and defined, similar to lash mascara. 
  • Brow Wax: Wax pencils are totally optional but I like this for really laying my brows down before I start to fill them in. 

Thankfully I’ve narrowed my everyday brow routine to two products, which is most often powder and brow mascara. Hopefully with these tips you can get started in creating your own low maintenance brow routine as well!





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