Becca Backlight Priming Filter

I’m a huge supporter of everything BECCA. From their packaging to their high quality products, I’m genuinely a fan; so when I saw this Backlight Priming Filter, it took me all of 5 seconds to determine it was necessary! I really did need a primer because it’s a step I’ve been skipping for a while but that I know could be a game changer. I just haven’t found one I really like, or that does what it says it’s going to do.

Like I imagined this BECCA product changed all of that!

It should be made clear that every skin type needs primers for different reasons. I have overly dry skin that causes my makeup to sit awkward and uneven on my skin, so my main desire for a primer is hydration and general glow. Someone with textured skin may want a primer that is filling or silicone based for smoothing purposes, where someone who is oily will want something mattifying and that increases longevity. Every skin type has different needs and you should determine what they are before deciding on a primer.

With my dry skin, I was totally sold on the idea of achieving the “BECCA Glow.” The Backlight Priming Filter is said to be infused with “Filtering Luminescent Pearls” which is responsible for the appearance of diffused light on the skin. This product is expected to “blur imperfections and give skin a healthy luminescent glow,” thus the filter like effect.

The formula is creamy and lightweight, while feeling very soothing to skin. You get one fluid ounce of product in the bottle, which is equivalent to what you typically get in a bottle of foundation.

This is one full pump of product on my hand but depending on how much glow or moisture you need you can use more or less. You can see how smooth it blends out, literally leaving my skin glowing.

This product is comparable to MAC’s Strobe Cream in terms of luminosity and moisture but the filtering effect of the BECCA Priming Filter makes skin looks like it is glowing from within.

On my face, I used half a pump after my usual moisturizer and under my water-based Face & Body foundation and achieved this skin-like finish.

I love the luminous finish and can see this becoming one of my staple products, especially with dry months approaching. Although I’m in love with it, women with oily skin should steer clear. I did not experience any increase in makeup longevity with this product; if anything over the course of the day my skin got glossier–which I like, but could be a disaster for those who are naturally glossy.

I also look forward to wearing this product alone on days I want to give my face a break but still want to have perfect looking skin. Overall, this product was an absolute win! You can find it in Ulta or Sephora, for $38.

Have you tried any life-changing beauty products lately?


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