How Do You Unwind?

When I get overwhelmed, all I want to do is lay around and scroll through Instagram all day. It’s like my mind instinctively shuts down and no longer wants to contribute to being productive. I just don’t produce well in overdrive, and I’ve always been that way! Fortunately, as I’m aware of my limits, I’m also aware of how to hit my reset button.

Disconnect | The most obvious form of procrastination is glued to my hand all day. My phone! I sign out of all social media and turn my messages to silent. It’s too easy to get distracted otherwise, so I just prefer to have it out of sight and mind!

Unwind | This step is essential to my reset because it’s like clearing my hard drive! I take the time to pray, meditate, and journal every morning before I do anything else. It sets the tone for my day and really allows me to assess what is more important and go about doing things in that order. Since making this a part of my morning routine, I have noticed an immediate difference if I skip it or if I’m lazy and go a couple days without it! It’s like I am easily distracted and irritated all day which is a formula for disaster.

Do Things You Enjoy | It is so easy to fill our day with things we HAVE to do, but it is equally as important to do things we WANT to do. Even if it’s just an hour of reading a book you’ve been meaning to get to, I’ve found that balance is key. My sacred time is usually Thursdays for Scandal & How To Get Away With Murder— if I don’t stay on track for the week or I’m not productive during the day on Thursday, that cuts into my mommy time and that’s always a fail!! Treat yourself!

Make a Routine of it | Whether it’s waking up early or carving out time for yourself during the week, make a routine of it! When you have things to look forward to and establish what puts you in the best mindset to get things done, it’s hard to get overwhelmed!

How do you unwind?

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