Jade Nails

Jade is a color traditionally recognized for promoting wisdom, balance, and peace… *raises hand* umm, yes please! Although I don’t believe in the power of gemstones, I do think that having a chic reminder of it’s goodness right on your nails can do a little to brighten your day and sometimes that’s all you need!

OPI’s Jade Is The New Black is green enough to give you the fun feeling of wearing something different, but also deep and toned down enough that you don’t feel like a teenage rebel. I used my DIY nail routine to get perfectly even application!

It’s the little victories like having my hair or nails done that makes me feel better on stressful days! Like at least I’m not totally failing at life even if I have to do them myself, but there’s something about this shade that makes having my nails done that much more reassuring. I find myself looking at my hands a lot when I wear it! Lol I don’t know what it is but this is surely a favorite for more than just it’s beautiful color!

Do you have any beauty products that make you feel good while wearing them?

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