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Earlier this month, I took my first trip across the pond to London! It easily makes the list as one of my favorite cities for various reasons, but the shopping alone made this trip ah-mazing. Of all the time I was there, 75% of it was probably spent in a store. I promised myself that for my next London trip I will experience the city as less of a tourist but for my first trip, I had to hit all the major stores we don’t have at home; which was basically everything. Lol

The department stores were gorgeous and carried every designer brand you could think of, and there are as many Topshops as there are H&Ms here in America, but the one thing I didn’t want to leave without getting was some London drugstore makeup! First of all, the whole first floor of Boots, the name of the drugstore, looked like a beauty section in Macy’s. They literally had a Chanel counter (perfume & makeup included) in the drugstore. Yes, the same drugstore you buy NyQuil and your monthly lady products, you can also buy major makeup brands and Chanel No.5!

I was vaguely familiar with some British makeup brands from watching my favorite London Youtubers so when I ran in the store on my last day with five minutes to grab what I could, I came away with all Sleek  products and a Real Techniques sponge!

Real Techniques brushes are some of my favorites and can be found in Ulta and Target, but I have been looking for this sponge for a minute so I just picked one up in the city the brand was born in! 🙂

I was supposed to wait until I photographed them for the blog to use it, but I couldn’t wait so I don’t have the packaging! But let me tell you. This orange dream is the truth! Amazing alternative for the $20 Beauty Blender, but this one is only six bucks. It feels like I’m applying my foundation with a pillow and I love that I can apply my concealer set powder with the flat side. Only complaint is that the pointed end is more rounded than the Beauty Blender which makes blending concealer a little tricky.

I thought it was so thoughtful that the Sleek Brow Set came with not only two brushes but a pair of mini tweezers! This was made for me because I’m forever leaving my tweezers when I travel. I liked this product because I appreciate having both gel and powder in the same pan, with a mirror! I did think the color was too red for me so I should have gotten the darkest one they had. This would be the equivalent of the E.L.F. cosmetics brow kit; which I used to swear by!

After trying their liquid matte lipstick, I am so disappointed in myself for not grabbing more shades! Super smooth and pigmented with a comfortable wear; this compares to no drugstore options I’ve tried but is super similar to my Holy Grail, Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lips.

Only one coat of lipstick!

I was super impressed with the consistency of these blushes! The range of shades grabbed my attention but they blend effortlessly and have tiny gold specs that make them great for adding color and glow. The shades I have are Pomegranate and Rose Gold, which is the lighter NARS Orgasm looking color. I used the rich cranberry shade first and dusted Rose Gold on top.

I used my favorite drugstore mascara, L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes, to keep with the theme and I must say, I love this low budget look!

After checking online, all of this makeup is available to be shipped to the US on the Sleek website! So excited to have another brand to add to my collection and have it be more accessible than I thought.




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