Top 5 Uses for Coconut Oil

I hate the taste of coconut and was initially put off about using coconut oil in any way, but I find myself using this natural oil in every part of my beauty routine as of late! There is something very comforting about using such a pure product on your skin, hair, and nails while knowing that it can do nothing but good!

Remove Makeup 

Before I use a makeup wipe, I massage a generous amount of coconut oil into my skin to loosen any caked up foundation, eyeshadow or mascara. I like to do this because it softens the removal process and adds moisture preventing you from feeling stripped and dry. 

Finishing Oil

I don’t use coconut oil before heat because it makes my hair smell gross but after I’m completely done styling, I run a small amount over my curls—specifically my ends. This always leaves my hair glossy and keeps my ends from looking dry and uneven. If I go on to wrap my hair, the oil adds so much moisture overnight that my hair looks and feels extremely healthy even when I don’t feel like it is. 

Natural Conditioner & Styling Oil 

I mix coconut oil into Grace’s conditioner to soften and add more moisture to her hair. Honestly, It’s impossible for me to do her hair without it. Grace’s hair is very thick and coily so coconut oil is about the only thing that penetrates deeply enough to detangle with ease. After every wash, I always put individual twists or flat twists in her hair; to do this, I prep every section of hair with coconut oil before twisting. This allows her hair to stay soft and manageable into the next day. Because her hair literally drinks this stuff up, whenever I go to manipulate her twists or curls, I run coconut oil over her hair first. This helps to smooth her hair and give more polished curls. Thankfully because of it’s natural qualities, I never have any issues with greasiness or buildup. 

Cuticle Oil

Pretty self explanatory but since using coconut oil consistently as a cuticle treatment, I have less skin splitting and hangnails. I also think that constantly rubbing it into my nails has helped to strengthen my nails! 

Soothe Redness

The skin around my noise and mouth is almost always red and inflamed after consistent washing and the only product that has had a lasting soothing effect is coconut oil. I apply it whenever I experience discomfort after washing my face, and it soothes instantly. 

I have found that the brand does matter as well as the terms “Refined” and “Virgin.” When using coconut oil for beauty specific purposes, it should always be unrefined, as this means it has not gone through any heating process that would strip it of its natural vitamins and quality. I like the Nature’s Way brand because it’s the first I’ve tried that melts only on contact and has not liquified in the jar!

Is Coconut Oil a staple in your routine?


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