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My Favorite Neutral MAC Shadows

When I was in High School, MAC was the epitome of makeup perfection. Walking past the MAC counter in the mall made me want to own & master every lip, shadow, and blush in their range; but as I got older, and really wanted to identify what worked for me, all of that beautiful makeup in one place became really overwhelming! It took a lot of experimenting and even working there for a little while, for me to come away with a concrete list of must-haves, so I know for the average woman or makeup newbie, MAC can be intimidating. You know you don’t need every shade (plus your wallet says you don’t) but you want to get that perfectly blended eye on you saw YouTube.

So I did you a favor and narrowed down my most used MAC neutral shades! You obviously don’t need all nine, but ANY combination of these shadows is worth having in your collection!


|Sketch|Burgundy with shimmer: I love to use this shadow in the place of the usual brown crease color because it adds warmth and works well with all neutrals.

|Expensive Pink| Golden peachy pink: perfect lid and all over color for a subtle look. Looks amazing on dark skin tones.

|Brown Script| Warm reddish brown: my favorite warm transition color; great for brown smokey eyes.

|Bronze| Golden brown with shimmer: A Holy Grail shadow for me; I use this in almost every look. By itself, as an accent, or as a blending shade because it is so smooth and the perfect neutral bronze.

|Espresso|Muted Brown: Love this shade for my brows and in my crease for cool tone looks. Creates the perfect shadow in the crease area.

|Satin Taupe| Silverish taupe: I love the mauve undertones of this shadow; It is super complimentary to purple lips, which I love.

|All That Glitters| Beige with Gold Pearl: My go-to highlight shade for my inner eye and brow bone.

|Saddle|Orange brown: great for adding subtle warmth without going smokey. Great as a transition shade or by itself.

|Embark|Intense brown: I often use this in place of black where suitable because it can be really intense but doesn’t take over an entire look, like black easily does. This smokes out a crease perfectly without it getting murky or messy.

shadowswatchFrom left to right: SketchExpensive PinkBrown ScriptBronze, and Espresso.
shadowswatch1From Left to Right: Satin Taupe, All that Glitters, Saddle, and Embark. 

It would obviously be ideal to own every MAC shadow ever made, but if you’re just getting started or just want to narrow down some great neutrals, these nine should be on your list!

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