Expensive vs. Pocket Friendly Skincare

You know how you get to a comfortable place with something and you think what you have going is pretty good, it has room for improvement, but for the most part you’re content! No, I’m not talking about your relationship. That is how I was feeling about my skin! I didn’t have any major issues but I wasn’t totally in love and I really wanted to be obsessed with it.

For the most part, my skincare routine has always been pretty basic and didn’t cost a lot by any means. I have always taken a less is more approach but I recently felt motivated to just go for it and try a bunch of new & expensive *side-eye* products that I was convinced would get the job done.

Well, first of all, it all started with this photo of Nia Long & Big Sean on Instagram. GIRL! What are you using on your skin?????? I mean, her skin is glowing! And obviously I know this pic has a filter and she’s wearing a little makeup, but you can look at her skin and tell that it is just healthy! So now, I’m not only thinking about right now, I want to look like a teenager at 45, like Nia! What do I need to do??


Well I was convinced it was time for me to step it up and really invest in my skincare. So I get to Sephora, talk to a consultant, who is neither black nor a woman so I don’t know why I let him talk to me about my skin, and walk out with a totally new skincare routine.

Needless to say, it didn’t end well. I broke out in all the sensitive areas on my face and had to stop using everything except a mild natural soap  in order to calm my skin back to normal. I learned my lesson: expensive masks, washes & lotions don’t equate to perfect skin! It may for some, but sticking to a routine that is a effective and sensitive to your specific skin needs, is more important than the price.

Fortunately, upon the return of the products that did not work for me, I found a few that I really like!

I have always had issues finding an exfoliating cleanser sensitive enough for my skin. This Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser is super gentle and smells great. I only use this once a week when I feel the need to deep clean.

For everyday washing, I use a handmade soap I found in a market here in Atlanta. The brand is called Mama and I use the Harmony bar soap, which is an olive oil soap made with 100% pure essential oils and scented with lavender and lemongrass. I find it to be super calming to my sensitive skin, but still cleans without leaving it dry and tight. I also sometimes cleanse with the Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil when I feel my skin needs some extra attention.

I use the REN Skincare Global Protection Day Cream for my moisturizer because it is so nourishing without being heavy. It has a thick whipped texture but sits well under makeup and doesn’t make you greasy.

In addition to products, I’ve been drinking LOTS of water, attempting to change the way I eat, and making sure to thoroughly cleanse my skin twice a day. Please peep the word “attempt,” because changing my diet has been the biggest challenge.

Needless to say, the struggle has been ongoing but I can now thoroughly agree that the price of a product should never be the deciding factor in its effectiveness! Read the ingredients and do a bit of research before subjecting your skin to your spontaneous experiments. I know it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of “more, more, more” but sometimes, less is best, especially when it comes to something as precious as your skin!



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