Hello February!

Now that the hype of being in a New Year has died down, we can all truly get to work on the goals we’ve set! Most of my goals for the year were spiritual, so I ended January on a fast and have extended it into February with the objective of purging myself of all distractions and staying focused on areas I’m hoping to develop. If I’m totally honest, it has been life-changing. I’ve been meditating on fully trusting God with my life and renewing my mind to the things of God, with the goal of changing and softening my heart. It has NOT been easy, by any means, but I see a change, so it has been worth it.

If you’re interested, the fast wasn’t something set in stone by my church or anything, I just felt God convicting me of my lack of discipline, so I chose to get rid of things that I felt I was losing control with. I deleted my Social Media Apps (Not the accounts!) because how many times have I wasted precious hours scrolling through my best friends roommates cousin’s page? I knew I was eating things that weren’t great for me so I said no sweets, junk food, juice, or sodas. I was spending frivolously, so I put myself on a tight weekly budget that leaves no room for spending outside of necessities like groceries, and gas. Those are the main things, but I also restrain myself as I hear Holy Spirit which most times includes my choice of music and whatever I’m watching on TV. I’ve also been trying to be intentional about studying my bible and praying every morning and I’ve noticed such a huge difference! I’m going into my second week of this, and initially I felt emotionally & spiritually attacked every single day as I was trying to draw closer to God, but now that I’ve made it through those tests, I find myself struggling to fight my flesh against the things I gave up. It’s truthfully not easy but I feel like I’m detoxing myself and getting mentally strong which is the ultimate goal!

I didn’t set out to speak on this as my welcome to the month but I honestly just let God speak his way into this post, Lol. I hope this month of February is one of growth, love, and spiritual maturity as we set out to materialize the ideas that God has put on our hearts.



P.S: If interested, My study this week has included the Kings of Judah in 2 Chronicles Chapters 13-16 and the story of Saul and David in the whole book of 1 Samuel <3

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