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NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint

I’m on a quest to master flawless skin, so I’ve become a bit of a foundation hoarder! My favorites are usually those with the lightest coverage, and that leave me looking as if I’m wearing nothing at all. As many as I’ve tried lately, the new NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint is one I keep going back to!

Because it is a “Skin Tint” you’re not going to get full coverage out of this product, but just enough to even your complexion and blur imperfections. The Velvet Matte texture is so unexpected and nice that I’m tempted to abandon my favorite dewy finish foundations; not really, but I do love how the effect really softens your features!


Although the name does say “Matte,” because the product is a tint, it isn’t going to stay in place long term like a long-wearing matte foundation would. It actually becomes more naturally dewy over the course of the day, which I like! I typically get a decent 5-6 hours of wear, which is pretty good for something with such light coverage.

What I love the most is that my skin truly shines through and I’m not left looking like I’m wearing a mask. For an even more skin-like finish, I like to work this into my skin with my fingers first, then buff it out with a foundation brush.

Overall, I can definitely see this being a product I repurchase over and over! It’s perfect for daily wear and is a great addition for the ladies who want to emphasize their own skin!

Have you tried any products you love lately?



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