3 Tips to Wearing Less Makeup

As I get older and priorities change, I’ve shifted from wanting to look flawless and owning every new product, to just wanting to use what I need! Most times this is out of laziness but also because I just like the way I look. These days, I’m finding myself bucking the system a little bit. Everywhere you turn, women are wearing so much makeup that they just don’t even look like themselves. I think there is a beautiful art to makeup but I definitely want women, and the little girls who watch them, to love the way they look with flaws, and I haven’t always been able to say that for myself!

So how did I slowly start to shrink the size of my makeup bag? I focused on these three things:


Getting my skin together

Y’all, a large portion of why I wore a lot of makeup was because my skin was in such poor shape! For the life of me I couldn’t contain my breakouts and I felt like I had dark circles that made me look sickly. Well, I probably still have those circles but I have seen a dermatologist, and get facials regularly that have helped me get my skin in order. A large part of this was also eating healthier, and letting my skin breathe from so much product. Now I’m starting to get the freckles that run in my family and I’m OBSESSED with them. I hardly ever want to put anything on. Good skin changes lives and I’m just trying to defy my age for the rest of my life!


Letting my brows grow out

You don’t realize how important brows are until you don’t have any. Even if I didn’t want to wear a full face of makeup, I would spend so much time drawing them in that I would feel obligated to balance my made up brows with the rest of my face! Lol It was so annoying. I let them wolf out for some months, and I started tweezing them myself (with restraint!) until I liked what I saw. They aren’t as full as I would like them but I don’t have to use as much product, which makes my ‘no makeup makeup’ face come together a lot faster!


I only cover what I need to

I know I have flaws, but it got to the point where I felt like the makeup I was using to cover them, was drawing more attention to those areas. Or all the highlighter and blush and foundation was clinging to the bumps I was trying to bury! Now, for daily wear or when I’m going minimal I stick to only light concealer and a tinted moisturizer if I’m being fancy. I tried going back to foundation but I hate the way it sits on my skin and I honestly don’t think my entire face needs to be covered. Taking a minimalist approach has worked for me, and when I want to bump it up a notch I can always enhance with lashes or a bright lip!


Are you trying to wear less? Let me know if these tips were helpful!




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