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A Prayer for the Week: Focus

Why is it that when you feel like God has given you specific direction and enthusiasm about something, we almost immediately get distracted? This is actually the gag of New Year’s resolutions, right? They last for all of January then we may not even remember or care what we set out to do because we get so off track and distracted by the same things that DIDN’T matter last year. And I don’t know about y’all but I was beyond done with 2016! Finished. Done. Literally had nothing left to give to that year & nothing about it is coming into 2017 with me!

But when you think about it, distraction is literally one of the lamest yet effective devices used by the enemy to keep us out of alignment with the purpose God puts in our hearts. Social media, comparison, thoughts of inadequacy, laziness–all of these and more are distractions. I find it especially annoying when I find myself using motherhood as a distraction or an excuse! How could I let the enemy use something that God has blessed me with, and something I should use as motivation to keep me from being obedient? Only his manipulating, lying, slithering self can take something beautiful and make us complain about it.

But how do we get from under this kind of thinking? It’s actually more simple than we think:

“Seek the kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” –Matthew 6:33

Seek the kingdom of God above all else…

After 2016’s struggle year, 2017 is totally my year of focus. And not so much focused on the things that fade or change year to year, but focused on what is eternal and a spiritual maturity that will stay with me as I grow old. A focus that keeps me from comparing myself to others because I’m so intentional about the lane God has etched out for me. A focus that keeps me from wasting precious time scrolling through news feeds. A focus that convicts me of my laziness. A focus on righteous living. A focus on His Kingdom above all else.

If this is something you struggle with, please join me in being intentionally focused on Jesus!



Forgive us for losing focus and allowing worldly distractions to take us off course. I repent of every covetous and ungrateful desire to have more of myself and less of you. Forgive me for not taking your call seriously and for wasting precious time pursuing my own plans while ignoring your cries for me to focus on You. Lord teach me to decrease daily that you may increase in every  hidden corner of my heart. Help me to see my flaws as an opportunity to grow in you and not a means of falling wayward to my own ways and understanding.

Help us to discern the voice of the enemy that wishes to distract us from the promise of eternity with you. We are nothing without the gentle and guiding hand of Holy Spirit that gives us unexplainable peace. Guide us Lord and give us eyes to see the areas we have yet to submit to you; lest they continue to be used by the enemy to keep us from your promise. We are so fortunate to have a merciful and gracious Father who cares about the desires of our hearts. Let us take on your heart and mimic your spirit that our desires for ourselves start to look like what you would want us to have.

Teach us what it means to live righteously and to seek your kingdom first–that our lives may be a living example of Jesus, and bring the unsaved to you. Lord that all will know your name! Lord you told us to seek, and we will find you (Matthew 7:7), so let us never lose focus and grow weary on the path to eternity. Even when the devil tries to tempt your children Lord, we are reminded that greater is in us than in this world! There is no battle that hasn’t already been conquered. Thank you for choosing me. 

In Jesus’ name we pray,



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