Faith,Prayer for the Week

A prayer for today…

God, I feel so stretched right now. I don’t feel far from you but I feel very uncomfortable. I’m sure that is not by chance – as is everything you do. I feel you exposing my hurt and broken places. I feel and hear you commanding me to be different. To take on a different perspective so that I can heal properly.


Lord, you are so good. You know exactly what I need and therefore, the needs of those I will touch. Please continue to purge every part of me that is unlike you. Please expose and reveal every hidden motive that takes my focus off of complete transformation and peace. Lord, help me do the work to reinvent myself in you. To see my value in you. My purpose in you. Great are you Lord.


I know you are leading me somewhere I’ve never been and I know I can’t take my old self with me. Help me to see the beauty in shedding that old skin so that I may feel and embrace all of what you are leading me to.



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