Grace Love and Lipstick is my space to enjoy and share all the things I love in one place! I’ve spent a lot of time pressuring myself to be perfect or trying to convince myself that everything about my life had to look a certain way, but I’ve grown to simply grace myself day by day. This small space in this huge world of distractions is where I choose to share what I learn along the way as a lover of Jesus, a young mother, and your typical girly girl.

God graced me with this spunky little girl and she inspires me to be my most authentic self. My daughter, Grace, is my mirror and holds my hand as I’m often trying to figure out how to become her best living example of a woman & mother after God’s heart. It is my genuine hope that something here inspires you to love God & be a little kinder to yourself every day!  My hope is that my enthusiasm for Jesus and my life as a beauty obsessed momma inspires you to try something you see here on Grace Love & Lipstick!

I hope you enjoy.